MeCoSput is a sputtering unit with DC-glow plasma at athmospheric pressure. The plasma accelerates ions onto a metall wire where atoms are removed.
At the same time, the flow of process gases helium and argon accelerate the atoms towareds the substrate. This process forms a layer of the removed atoms on the substrate.
Because of the comapct size it is a handy and flexible instrument to integrate this novell technology into numerous processes easily. The head is cooled with a closed water-cooling system, which ensured a low operating temperature of the whole system - even with several heads in parallel.

Versatile and Innovative

The MeCoSput is a versatile compact sputtering unit. It has the potential to fit different applications.
The head can be mounted to a static or moving applicator. Hand-held applications are also possible. Utilizing structure widths in the sub-millimeter range (700 µm) and high distances to the substrate opens numerous possibilities:

  • Metallization
  • Metallization of plastic material
  • 3D-Print
  • Printing of conductive traces
  • Preparation of Electron Microscope probes
  • Generation of Nano-Particles
  • ...



With constant optimization of the head, BEAPLAS managed to reduce the utilization of process resources and increased the the deposition rates at the same time.
Applying a closed cooling concept no additional resources are wasted (e.g. water).

  • Depsositon rate above mg/h
  • Rates up to 500 nm/s
  • low thermal stress for the substrate (< 1W)

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